Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Yet I am not ex-convent girl

Natalie said :

Signs of Convent girl

You’re cool with doing the heavy lifting – as long as it’s manageable. What? Wait for the guys to come help out? Girl, we went through 10 years of school without a single guy in sight (unless you count that wimpy math teacher), and we did just fine


You have that one group of girlfriends that you know will be there for you. FOREVER.

yes they are always for me. 


“Friendship problems” don’t throw you anymore. We’ve been through 4 years in a school full of girls going through puberty all at the same time. It was hell. There would always be at least one person in any classroom PMSing at any one time – plus we pretty much hung out with the same group of girls so much that our cycles literally synched up. Yes, it’s not a myth; it’s true. Which basically means WAR every few weeks. I repeat. It was hell.

not really but yeah, GIRLS issues 


But then again, that’s what made our friendships stronger than anything else in the world.


You went through a lesbian phase – or there was at least one moment in your life where you actually looked at another girl and went “Hm. Not bad.” 

this happened in Kebangsaan school though. 


You remember the first time you wore a skirt without shorts underneath – your thighs had never felt cooler



Lesbian tendencies aside, a lot of your conversations with friends had to do with Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Josh Hartnett, Jude Law… and well, every male celebrity that came to our attention.

girls being girls.


For years after secondary school, you never wore a skirt that went below your knees, thanks to a ridiculously strict dress code that you had to follow for a full decade.

true at the first few years. 


You look pretty presentable and kind of demure to strangers. But when you’re with your friends, it’s a whole different story. 

no la, I dont really looks presentable! but with friends truly different stories. 


But in spite of that, the morals you learnt at school have somehow stuck with you through all these years.

the Pendidikan Moral did. 


After all, luckily I am not convent girl :P

Monday, June 17, 2013





Thursday, June 6, 2013

the 20's with 20 things!

1) Be you.
2) Struggle.
3) Eat whatever the f*ck you want.
4) Date someone completely wrong for you. 
   i doubt.... tu tu tu.........
5) Do something purely for the thrill, and maybe more than once.
 6) Don’t dwell on the negatives.
7) Be a sponge.
8) Give back.
9) Trust only a few.
10) Pick up a new hobby. 
11) Be a sponge.
12) Make unforgettable memories. 
like what ?! hmmmm...
13) Meet a sh*t ton of new people.
there might be sh*t or good cake!
14) Mend the open wounds.
15) Travel the world.
16) Spend good, quality time with your family.
17)  Love your parents, thank them and repay them.
18) Continue to follow your dreams.
19) Cherish the people who have always been there.
20) Live in the moment, without fear or expectation of the future.
so truueeeeee  

picked from http://elitedaily.com/life/20-things-you-need-to-do-in-your-20s/

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Monday, June 25, 2012

it like half year ago!

Ya my last update was back to the January , and today is 25 of June, where I stepping in another stage of my life. I started my work today. 
I feel the urge to update here for the changes in the life. 
It's my first day, first job of intern or work.
It's in AMD Cyberjaya. was my first time stepped in this place, Cyber. Everything is new and strange to me, feeling like alone for the new place , but luckily there are seniors and brothers who helping and guiding me these days . Hope I would settle down myself mentally,physically soon , is really soon perhaps. 

This place is filled with foreigners where I have no idea where they came from and why there are here. They look so weird , I am alert myself every single moment I am out from my room. It is so scary, at least now I still feel that. I have no idea how the people here can stay here for so long. I need times i guess.
My house mate, all local chinese, students of MMU. They even looked mature than me, the house in unexpected unclean , I still need times to used to it, the kitchen,the balcony , the living room, with dust and like was left in this state for few years. so dusty, I hope I hope I will stand with all those day here. 

Since I am new to here , no car for me, so only transport bus. Luckily there is one senior that staying same place with me, at least there is accompanier to ride the bus. RM 1 per trip. , after reached DELL bus station , we need to walk some distance to the work.. Luckily Labuan trained me to walk with formal wear, but not in long term! Cos we are the only two who go to workplace by bus, others are all with cars or bike! How could us sit bus until the end right? hahaah

reached there earliest among all the workers there, except the receptionist la.. cos we took bus, early bus safer. so waited there the whole morning for people to guide us, bring us around and to teach us. I am in 2nd floor with another Unimate, fei san. Luckily got people kenal to talk , or else how survive in new environment.AMD is a nicely designed interior and exterior for a big company, maybe , cause I never enter others company like AMD before, but at least much better than I expect.pantries  with free drink, cheap vending machine, microwave, guess every company shall have this kua~ hahaah but AMD has gym and playing room for staffs too. They can go anytime they want as long as they finished or done with their tasks.The aircond is cold, and did anyone tell you? AMD have no dress code, when you are in Formal attire, sure people will know , you are new to the company. AMD have no fix office hours, you come early you back early, you come late you back late, but there are people who came late and leave early. but who cares? as long as you finished your parts on time.

#Contact Support Team
supervised by Miss Jenny from Sdk, guided by 2 intern trainees , Syah and Ummul . All of them are nice and friendly luckily. But come to work, of course be serious and productive when needed.
Not TRY to do the best all the times, but DO the best. Jenny said this the whole day. had the first Knowledge Transfer (KT) today to talk about our job scope and team, introducing us AMD social network, CONNECT , how to support the users of Connect, everything is new so I need times haha! Hope not too long to catch up. Get own laptop with own email and bla bla bla stuffs to login into amd system and amd Connect! everything is just so new to me!

So basically , first day is new and blur . Hope everything gonna be ok really soon! till then, gonna start some revision of the work and maybe log book for my intern part?

Am thinking how was the intern on others friends in Uni in other place leh??? hmmm...

Sunday, January 8, 2012

the 2012 of mine

i wish in 2012 of mine

had a great dinner at Daorae Sri Hartamas on my new year first day! :D

a) manage to graduate with at least that level.
b) manage to find an intern , job, maybe out there?!
c) manage to earn my very half pail of k . sincerely wish. i m bringing my debt of PTPTN. >.<
d) manage to travel at least one country by this year, Korea? Taiwan? HK?
e) manage to get new gadget
f) okok that's some little wishes in 2012, wish 3nG with lucks.

2011, i passed with great, with bunches of friends ! with much knowledge. thank you for the wonderful 2011.

Monday, January 2, 2012



2011 和一班朋友在一起,温馨的看着别桌的倒数,2012就这样的到了。

2010 的最后一天有他在他国渡过,这一次我们又再一起了。很庆幸,你依然陪伴着我,这一年回到熟悉的地方,感觉有不一样。

2011 我过的很好,很棒!每一个你的出现让我的2011很绚丽!谢谢你们!



2012 的我依然相信我还在18岁!哈哈哈!


good luck everyone in examinations!